La Vela – Longarone (BL)

The project concerns the expansion of an existing and already established restaurant business in the Belluno mountains, to be precise in the locality where the world’s major eyewear manufacturers are concentrated: Longarone. The new site of “La Vela”, requested by an increasing number of employees hired by the sector, has been assigned a plan shape that incorporates the sinuous lines of the glasses in the central distribution corridor and which gives the space a less monotonous and banal connotation. All this by creating more intimate and reserved spaces. The materials used, although suitable for intensive use and easy cleaning, give a warm and welcoming flavor, a sort of immersion in the materials of the mountain: gray stone, the green of the forest and the dark color of the rocky mountains.Great attention has been given to details and in particular to the acoustic problem that afflicts many restaurants. In this case, tailor-made acoustic panels to hang from the ceiling with different sizes and heights have been designed and manufactured. The ceiling therefore becomes an aesthetic and mimetic element at the same time hiding the thermal systems and hosting the technical and precise lighting. Much attention has also been given to the ergonomics and comfort of the seats.