RoVo’s house – Sandon di Fossò (VE)Casaclima Classe A

Minimized consumption. A building that communicates with the context, integrates with the same using natural materials and replicating them on the roof (roof garden). Like a musical instrument, made of wood, everything sounds good. Nothing has been left to chance and the executive project has left no room or margins for construction errors. The casing is efficient from all points of view, creating a comfortable temperature and hygrometric climate. And where the envelope is insufficient, we think about the machines. Forced mechanical ventilation with dehumidification, radiant floor, photovoltaic panels with accumulators and heat pump.
Wooden structure (Xlam), sustainability, energy saving, passive house, hygrothermal comfort, integration of the landscape, greenery, visual comfort, acoustic comfort.
In 2013 a young couple decided to build the house of their life and arrived in Treviso in a small architectural firm (MM + Interiors and Architecture) with the certainty of finding expertise in wooden buildings.

The guitarist (Davide Rovoletto and his wife (Valeria Volpe) architect, sensitive to environmental problems, have been oriented from the beginning to a building with a wooden structure, which surely would have confirmed its path towards an ecological, healthy and low consumption life energy.
The building is on two levels. On the ground floor the living area communicates with the outdoor spaces through large windows. Some horizontal cuts frame the landscape from the dining area and the verticals introduce a dialogue between the stairwell and the outdoor green spaces. From the large entrance, through a pivot door, the view opens immediately towards the outdoor pool of water lilies, aquatic plants and koi carps that brings energy and vitality to the whole house. The upper floor can be reached via a metal-clad staircase or elevator. Here are a series of colored doors leading to the children’s rooms, the master bedroom, the bathrooms and the music room that juts out into the garden with a cantilevered volume that seems to lean against the glass.
After obtaining the necessary permits, thanks to the MM + work and the executive and energy projects, in July 2015 the site opens and ends at the end of 2016 with the achievement of the “class A” certification of Casaclima.